KAWASAKI ZX-6R Ninja '05-06

SKU# R16/17-63602

Superlite sprocket kits are manufactured to be the lightest and most durable sprocket sets available today. This kit includes premium Superlite RSX-T Series steel sprockets and high strength D.I.D. X'ring sealed chain cut to length for a quick and easy installation. These sprocket kits are designed for maximum mileage output while shaving unsprung weight for improved performance.


KAWASAKI ZX-6R Ninja 2005-2006

Superlite RS Series steel stunt kits are extremely strong and used exclusively Team No Limit Motorsports and Jason Britton. All kits include high quality RSX Series steel sprockets with multiple gear ratio options and high strength X-Ring sealed chains cut to length. These kits are extremely strong and built to last!