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Steel 520 Chain Kit - Superlite RS Series 520 Chain & Steel Sprocket Kit - BMW G 310 GS|R '16-20




Each sprocket kit includes -

(1) Superlite XD Series chromoly steel drilled and lightened front sprocket

(1) Superlite RS Series black plated C45 steel rear sprocket

(1) High strength D.I.D. 520 Pro Street VX3 Series X'ring sealed chain cut to length

(1) Matching D.I.D. Rivet style connecting link

Chain Specifications - 

520 Pro Street VX Series Chain - Recommended for motorcycles with 800cc's or smaller

    Available Colors - Natural or Gold & Black 

*For increased acceleration and torque, select a one tooth smaller front sprocket or a larger rear sprocket. For better mid-range and top speed, just do the opposite. Keep in mind that one tooth on the front sprocket is equal to 2.5 teeth on the rear sprocket. The stock gear ratio is noted below and once a gear ratio is selected, we will cut the chain to the correct length.

*Product picture is for reference only and not an exact photo of the sprocket designs.